cinema romano, ma che cinema..

If you send positive energy to the universe, you won't believe how it gives the same back to you. For example, on the second night you've been to Torino, when you don't even know which side is of the River Po, you may crazily want to go to cinema and Cinema Romano may appear next to you all of a sudden! Yes, I mean it. You can also take a look at Galleria Subalpino while waiting. At the end of the movie, you can just go out and sit at Sfashion Café which is famous for its delicious pizzas.

Even if there exist better cinemas in the city, Cinema Romano stands out with its particular characteristic of "appearing suddenly next to you when you're hopelessly looking for a cinema".

torino state of love

Some cities get you inside right at the moment you walk in. Torino is for sure one of them. Coming here for Erasmus is already a magical idea itself; the city just casts a spell on you by its beauty and uniqueness. While the plane goes down to Torino Caselle, you start to fall in love with Torino by its amazingly organized streets and buildings which look like just popped out from architecture books. Thereafter, the suburban buildings but still more elegant than the ones in my country enrich the first moments of six-month long Italian dream.. Arriving in the city center is something priceless and way too different than any other experiences. Knowing that even this beauty will start to get ordinary as time goes by, yet that moment means a lot and seems not to end easily at all.

Scientific researches reveal that the first phase of love takes a maximum of six months and more than that damages mental and psychological health. So this love has the permission to take me over for six months until I go back to Istanbul. I'm dreadfully saying that this love can damage my mental and psychological health for six months as long as I am excited when I step into the street as if my plane has just landed in Torino.